Thanksgiving 2014

My favorite holiday always comes and goes way to quickly.  Isn’t that always the case?  However, I am finding that as the years have ticked by and the kids have gotten older and more numerous, what with them bringing home fiancés and all, I have less and less energy to survive much more than a long weekend of gluttony, Christmas decorating and joyful entertainment.  And it was joyful…we laughed around the table two nights in a row.

Before the older children came home for Thanksgiving I took the two younger ones out for breakfast to commemorate the school break.  Not far from our gap in the mountains there is another hollow call Dial, it was once the post office center for its community.  What remains now is a few old farm houses, a church and Van Zandt’s Restaurant.  For the low price of $5 a piece the kids enjoyed eggs, grits, a biscuit, sausage and bacon…and I confiscated the coffee that came with their meals.  We were all happy this way.


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Hiking and Mushrooms

While we have been hiking on most of these cool fall days, I’ve had the pleasure of taking  many fungus pictures.  I’ve been amazed at the many varieties that grow up here.  They seem to come in every color and shape conceivable to man.


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Life this Fall

As we have walked through the seasons in the mountains over the past eleven months, we have experienced the snows of winter, seen the earth come alive with flowers and green shoots in the spring, and basked in the mild temperates of the long summer days, but nothing prepared me for the beauty of fall.  While the weekends are frantic with tourists in convertibles or riding motorcycles along scenic Hwy 60, the week days are quiet and the perfect time to tromp through the National Forest.


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