New to the Flock

We’ve recently added some new animals to our life and completely enclosed the pasture.  Two new Cochin Bantam Chickens are wandering the yard around the house, but they aren’t quite old enough to leave any eggs in the nest box just yet.  If you have never seen the egg these birds lay, think slightly small Cadbury Egg.  They are very cute.


Gracie the Pony is a sweet and docile horse that is always wanting to nuzzle you with her soft nose.


The youngest daughter would spend every waking hour on Gracie’s back if she could figure out how to make it happen.


Now the geese that are leading the pony around the yard are some of my favorite animals.  We started out with two that we raised from goslings, and recently added four full grown birds to the flock. They are personable and yet don’t bite.  If you ever had the pleasure of being bitten by a goose you know just how nice it is to have some that don’t squeeze your flesh between their beaks.


While it may seem that they are busy looking for the sweetest blade of glass for their meal…


The fact is, they always have their eye on you.  It is amazing what they can see.  They will occasionally cock their head to look up into the sky and when I follow the direction of their gaze I can only see a very tiny airplane zooming by our mountain.  I guess when you are low on the food chain it pays to be alert.

And then there is Sterling.  I’ve saved the best to last with this stallion.


He is by far the most hormonal critter living in the fence.  When frustrated or excited he chases anything and everything.  The geese keep and eye on him and give him a wide birth when strolling around the yard.  Until he is clipped, or more properly gelded, he is very unpredictable.  Sometimes he meets you with his soft nose and nuzzles in your chess to have it scratched.  Other times, he is irritable and more likely to nip you with his blunt horse teeth.   His stallion days are numbered and when the weather cools and the vet says he is good to be gelded, we will wait not a minute longer to schedule the procedure.


Until then, the geese will keep their distance with one eye focused on the mood-swinging-testosterone-charged miniature stallion.




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