And Then There Was A Goat; Part1


For as long as I can remember my better half has wanted a goat.  When we moved up here to start out homestead, goats were not far from the top of the must-have-livestock list.  When we got a call from the local farm animal trade store stating that they had the goat we were looking for, we didn’t waste any time picking up our little fainting/pygmy mix.

He was adorable…


and very dumb.


But exceedingly cute.

And in light of his scaredy cat heritage (fainting goat) we named him Boo.


And we were all happy…even if he wasn’t the sharpest brained goat in the barn…

…until it became abundantly clear that he was not so chipper.

It seemed as though we had made a mistake.  Goats do not live well without buddies of their own kind.

So we headed back to town to find a friend.

(To be continued.)


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