Thanksgiving 2014

My favorite holiday always comes and goes way to quickly.  Isn’t that always the case?  However, I am finding that as the years have ticked by and the kids have gotten older and more numerous, what with them bringing home fiancés and all, I have less and less energy to survive much more than a long weekend of gluttony, Christmas decorating and joyful entertainment.  And it was joyful…we laughed around the table two nights in a row.

Before the older children came home for Thanksgiving I took the two younger ones out for breakfast to commemorate the school break.  Not far from our gap in the mountains there is another hollow call Dial, it was once the post office center for its community.  What remains now is a few old farm houses, a church and Van Zandt’s Restaurant.  For the low price of $5 a piece the kids enjoyed eggs, grits, a biscuit, sausage and bacon…and I confiscated the coffee that came with their meals.  We were all happy this way.


The house was way over due for a chandelier.  When we bought the house a year ago we decided that the master bedroom off the living room was better suited as a dining room.  And even though we added a table and china hutch it still didn’t look the part as it only had a bedroom ceiling fixture.  After a quick trip to Atlanta, the maintenance man did a quick install.  Now it is official…we have a dinning room.  And Momma is happy.


We got the tree in and after a bit of grumbling the men hauled it back out and made the necessary adjustments to the trunk.


And then the decorating began.


We ended the weekend by hiking to the hanging bridge…which seems to be a family favorite as the hikers can do the long trek and the walkers can take the easy route which only requires a ten minute climb to the Toccoa River.


The food was abundant, the laughs lasted throughout the weekend and the weather was beautiful.  Thanksgiving 2014 has come and gone and what a great holiday it was.


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