Life this Fall

As we have walked through the seasons in the mountains over the past eleven months, we have experienced the snows of winter, seen the earth come alive with flowers and green shoots in the spring, and basked in the mild temperates of the long summer days, but nothing prepared me for the beauty of fall.  While the weekends are frantic with tourists in convertibles or riding motorcycles along scenic Hwy 60, the week days are quiet and the perfect time to tromp through the National Forest.


We have explored new hiking trails, discovered waterfalls and even driven through a river to follow a service road to a peaceful camping spot along a rhododendron canopied creek.


In three short weeks it will be Thanksgiving and the weather will have turned bitter.  In fact, this Saturday the high will be 48F degrees and the wood stove will be running around the clock to keep the cold air out of our log cabin.  While I am not looking forward to chopping wood and maintaing our supply, I do enjoy the cozy affect a stove has on our living room.


Buck the Wonder Lab has learned how to ride in the back of the SUV without experiencing motion sickness, and as a result he now ventures out with us.  The water is way too cold for my liking, but he has yet to pass up an opportunity to dip his webbed feet in the current.


While we don’t hike to view this old bridge, it is one of my favorite mountain discoveries.  It is located near an old cove community known as Dial and it provided passage over the Toccoa River.  I am in love with the fact that the piers were not made of poured concrete but rather stacked river rocks.


In case you were considering crossing…


And in honor of the fact that the holidays are quickly approaching…I present our turkey flock.  They will not provide a bird for the Thanksgiving table this year, but we are looking forward to 2015.



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