Fishing and Peace on the Lake

This past weekend Aunt Beth and I took the kids fishing…


While the girls explored the edge of the water for critters…


…the boys prepared the poles.


However….they were constantly annoyed that the girls were splashing.  “They will scare off all the fish!”

In an effort to please the boys they evacuated the lake, and posed for the camera.


And the boys quit glaring at them.


And after waiting patiently for poles… for what seemed like forever.  The girls began giving dirty looks…


Is he making a lure?  Cutting a limb into a pole?


But, finally, they were done and poles were casted out in hopes of fish.


And the boys did the same…


And for about five minutes peace reigned.

For that short period both Aunt Beth and I thought we were finally going to enjoy the afternoon at the lake.

Then Caroline said,”Mommy! I have to go big potty!”

Moral of the story?  If you want peace on the lake, let Dad take the kids fishing.  And you go find another one on the other side of the mountain, where you can sit in your lounge chair and enjoy the quiet.


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