The First Fishing Trip

Now that we have moved to the mountains and our older children are growing up and moving on with their lives, it is a rare day when we are all together in one house.  When our oldest child came for a visit we enjoyed seeing him, and the men took a few days to go fishing.  Why just the men?  Well, it seems that up here you must stand in the water in order to enjoy this sport.  And even though it was late into spring, we had a rare freeze and cold front come in.  The women decided to avoid freezing our lower halves and just let the men have all the fun.  And fun they did have!


Some like chickens that are allowed to free range as it supposedly affects their mental state and evidently produces better tasting eggs. If you look closely you’ll see that my son is “walking” his catches on a rope connected to his waist.  I wonder if he has a taste-better theory on fish that are allowed to keep swimming before they are fried.


Not easy walking on slippery rocks with cold water up to your waist…they worked hard for that fish and grits meal.


Their faces say it all.


And maybe next trip it will be warmer and this girl will jump in on this action.


However, we sure did enjoy walking the river bank with the dog.


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