Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

If you have ever had a cat that wanted in the house you know hard it can be to keep it out.  They can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks in a door, and they take advantage of every opportunity where your hands are too full to close it quickly behind you.  Our kitties, however, have a doubly hard time sneaking in because the door is surrounded by the deck, that the spaniels call home.

When I went out today I noticed that the cats were perched all over the deck, just out of reach from the chomping jaws of the pooches.  Their faces reminded me of these great quotes from Garfield.

Madam, I’m a cat in trouble. I’m hitching a ride in your mumu.

photo 1-7

(Said to dog dancing below him) Schmuck!

photo 2-3

Garfield: [from a deleted scene when Garfield decides to rescue Odie] I could bring him back. Then everyone will know I’m not the insensitive, self-involved, egomaniacal…
[sees his reflection]
Garfield: Owooo, looking good.

photo 3-3

I don’t do mornings.

photo 4-2

And then there is this goober…

Not only does he want to come in, but he wants his favorite chunk (stolen from the wood pile) to be allowed entry, too.


He’s in a category of his own, and the kitties climb the trees, not the deck railing, to get away from this drooling moose.


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