The World’s Oldest Slow Cooker

I am about to write a post that is probably going to make my husband sick to his stomach.  But I have to do it…I am just so excited about my new way of cooking our meals.  That is, the heat source which is actually cooking our food.  Before I explain let me give you some background information.

We have been married for over twenty years and to my knowledge we’ve never had all new appliances, until three months ago.  When we moved here the kitchen only had a dishwasher, and it didn’t work.  We were very fortunate that when we went shopping the biggest sales of the year were being offered. The weeks around Thanksgiving stores like Sears, Home Depot, and Lowes have huge discounts. Because of this we were able to purchase my dream oven – a glass top stove with a huge convection oven.  In addition to that we splurged and rounded out the investment with a microwave/convection oven.  Come next Thanksgiving I am going to have those two smoking.  I cannot wait.

So…having said that…let me return to telling you what I am currently using for all (or most) of our cooking needs.

Here ya go…


I know its hard to believe.  I am having a difficult time digesting this reality, myself.  I have a high tech brand new oven in my kitchen and I am using a wood stove.  And its easy.  Three days ago I placed a ham, cut potatoes and carrots in a dutch oven and set it on top.  The kids and I went out to work in the yard and when we came in two hours later…presto!  Dinner was ready.  Can you believe it?  No electricity consumed and no babysitting the pot.  I have found the world’s oldest slow cooker.  Today before we left on a hike I did the same thing with a marinated pork roast and when we came home we had BBQ sandwiches.  It was like I had performed a miracle.

I am truly ecstatic.  Usually when I need help cooking, I call my mother.  In this instance though I turned to the internet as I was most certain Mom has never done this.  I found lots of recipe ideas on the web and tomorrow morning we will be waking to steel cut oats that have cooked on the wood stove all night.

Next up?  Bread.

I watched a youtube video hosted by a very rustic looking woman out in Oregon, that made the art of cooking bread on the stove look easy.  She claims it is crusty on the outside and has a wonderfully chewy texture inside.  We shall see.  The sky is the limit and if I see a reduction in our electric bill next month I’ll know that I have worked a miracle.

If you think I’ve lost my mind and that I’ll be washing our clothes down in the creek or sewing the kids’ wardrobe, you are wrong.  But I am all about my rustic slow cooker that uses zero electricity.


South Florida City Slicker Gone Pioneer Woman, of the Georgia Mountains

PS – I will cook the holiday meals in the real oven…after all, my work surface is very small on the wood stove.


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