My Secret Lair

IMG_4446As we have been getting settled into our new-to-us house, I’ve been trying to find the perfect place for all of our miscelaneous belongings.  All of this work has made me wonder,  “If I were designing a room entirely to myself what would it include?  How would I decorate the area?  What would I use it for?”  I realize this is crazy…I think it is all the days spent inside without sun exposure that is causing this fantasy.  Some get depressed…I dream about solitude in my perfectly designed lair.  By the time spring arrives I will have lost all interest in this idea.  I’ll be out in the garden planting roses, a vegetable garden, bulbs and anything that stands still for two minutes.

So here ya go….this is the lair dreamed up by a forty something year old woman with cabin fever.

1.  My place would include a loft with wall to wall shelving.  I know books are going away in the digital age, and my kindle collection is growing every day, but I adore the paper ones that I’ve accumulated over the past forty years, too.  In this area I would want a large puffy sitting/lounging area.  Add to this a designated spot to brew a warm cup of tea or coffee, equipped with a Keurig.  Ideally there would be a picture window with a great view, too.  Under it I would place my desk.

2.  Below the loft I would divide the area into two sections – one carpeted with lush thick carpeting, and the other would have a hard surface that could be easily cleaned.  In the carpeted section I’d like a fireplace and a jacuzzi tub.  Nearby a nice blue-tooth speaker would play music from my iPad, and a wine cooler would hold a few bottles of merlot.

3.  The area with a washable floor would be my creative center.  I’d have a large table to work on and shelves to hold my supplies.  I’d stock the area with paint, brushes, canvas and plenty of journals to doodle in.

As of today that is why my secret lair would look like.  Even if I could create it, I would not ever be able to find time to rest in it.  When I was younger and visited my grandparents at their house on the Ohio River, my grandmother had a barn as retreat.  Yes, a barn.  At least that is what we called it.  In reality it was a large storage shed that had been painted in the typical barn colors of red and white.  Inside I remember a small couch, a television to watch her soaps on (with bunny ear antennas), her paints, ceramics and a kiln. The barn was also somewhat functional in that it held her washer and dryer, too.  I believe the building was 12 foot square and I am now in awe that she had packed it with all this stuff.  I guess when I am old and the kids are gone (I’ve heard this happens.) I will have a barn of my own…but the washer and dryer are staying inside the main house!

I’ve heard of men having man caves and I even know one who has a dog house.  But, I am wondering if my family is the only one where the women desire their own space.

How about you?  If you could have your own private area, what would it include?


2 thoughts on “My Secret Lair

  1. Have you ever watched the Pride & Prejudice movie with Keira Knightley? Her friend that marries Mr. Collins has a room of her very own called a parlor. She takes Elizabeth Bentley into her parlor and says “we shant be disturbed” This is one of my favorite movies…hoping someday I will sit down and read the book!

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