Life in the Mountains is Different Part 2

Each winter while living in the deep South I have seen the stores offer slippers on sale, and although I’ve purchased them I have only been able to wear them a few days each year…and I’ve certainly never worn a pair out.  Now every morning begins with me reading to the kids with my slippers on and I am covered with the cape my sister sewed in 1976.  I think I shall wear a pair out!

photo 1-6

Before moving to the mountains flip flops were our daily foot wear…but we’ve never lost a pair under four inches of snow.


Nothing improves a good book to an eight year old like a bowl of chocolate pudding and a warm fire behind your back.


She took a nap and when she woke the world was cold, wet and very white…it stopped her dead in her tracks.  Within minutes both female spaniels were hip hopping through the snow.


They made the cold weather look like great fun and when they came in their snouts were covered in ice and snow.


One of the most beautiful things mother nature creates here in the mountains, is the snow sprinkled tree branches.



The kitties believe that the best way to enjoy the snow is to stay inside and bat the flecks as they pass by the window.  Smart cats, if you ask me!


The site of snow covered kayaks was, by far, the most unusual thing I’ve seen up here this week.


Yes, life in the mountains is different…and, life is good.


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