Sledding the Traditional and Not So Traditional Way

Yesterday after watching the snow fall for a few hours, my newbie sledders pulled on layers of clothes (that they told me they didn’t need, but later appreciated) and headed out the door with their new sleds in hand.  Granny had purchased the disk and traditional sled on a previous trip and they have been lying on the floor of the garage waiting to be used.


It didn’t take long in the frigid temperatures for the rosy cheeks to appear.


And somehow the 12 year old collected far more snow on his clothing.


The dogs had varying responses to the frozen conditions.

For instance, the Boykin Spaniel explored the woods, disregarding the kids riding on the hill, until he could no longer stand and just sat back to watch the fun.


The older lab was protective, as always.  His attention was focused on the house behind us, where the neighbor dog who wanders, resides.


Loyal servant on watch.


And then there was the young lab, Buck.  His excited stance screamed, “Oh my…riding down the hill!? Wait for me!”


Unfortunately, no one was willing to share their sled with him.


This did not stop him from running around them in circles and constantly trying to steal one.  I am not sure if his goal was to ride the sled, or grab it in his mouth and retrieve it.


But he persevered.



And they continued to defend their sleds.


Ultimately there was one hill riding item that he had no interest in, but proved to be the fastest way to slide down the hill.


A neighbor boy was the one to suggest we borrow his and try it.


I am not sure how good this is for the kayak, but it brought new levels of speed and turned on a dime…well, kind of.

Ever heard of using such to sled?  When was the last time you rode the hills after a good snow storm?  How old were you the first time you enjoyed this kind of fun?


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