Sunday Scavenger Hunt – January 5th, 2013

Over the last five years my camera has provided the greatest release from stress and brought a good deal of joy to my life.  I call it photography therapy.  Few things challenge my skills and awaken my creative juices like the Scavenger Hunt Sunday featured on Ashley Sisk’s website.

Each week she provides five word prompts.  This week we were given: photographer’s choice, lunch, starts with the letter G, my town, and words to live by.

Here are my photograph interpretations and my thoughts for this overcast Sunday:

1.  Photographer’s Choice – Is there anything more difficult than choosing, when the sky is the limit?  As I considered what one picture to feature for this challenge I decided to capture the toys I plan to enjoy with my children this week.  After months of house hunting followed by actually moving and then the holidays we’ve had very little down time.  This week we launch into art with window markers, a 1000 piece puzzle and a few slow hikes in the woods.  How does your week look?  Is it a frantic return to normal life after all the celebrations?  What is your choice of therapy?

editors choice

2.  Lunch – Growing up in Miami citrus was a treat that we didn’t have to go to the store to purchase.  While shopping this week I found the biggest grapefruit I’ve ever seen before.  I am not sure how it is going to taste, but I am anxious to dig in and give it a try.  This will make one very large lunch, no matter its flavor.


3.  Starts with the Letter G – When I woke it was gray gray gray.  When I opened the door to release the hounds for their morning run, the woods were strangely quiet.  A few minutes later the dogs ran past the back door and bolted up the hill behind the house.  As I got to the window to see what had their attention I spied two white tailed deers bounding deeper into the woods in an effort to escape their predators, and a flock of turkeys burst out of the undergrowth to find safety in the higher tree branches.  It only sounded quiet…as it turns out there was plenty of life out there!


4.  My Town – Since we now live a far piece from our town, I decided to share my Christmas village with you today.  After all, it is the 12th Day of Christmas.


5.  Words to Live By – I’ve always loved this china…I think the quote says it all and I am so happy to find an excuse to share this setting with you.

words to live by

So…The question of the days is:  Is your Christmas down?  When do you plan to box it up?  And if you have already filed your pretties away in the attic, when do you normally do that? I find that the older I get…the longer they stay up.

Merry 12th Day of Christmas!

If you missed yesterday’s post here it is:

19 Activities to Enjoy with Your Family Inside During the Winter


10 thoughts on “Sunday Scavenger Hunt – January 5th, 2013

  1. Yep our Christmas decorations are all down and put away for another year. I think I’m getting to be the opposite of your. The older I get the sooner I seem to want them down. Mainly because it gets harder and harder to put them up and pack them away.
    Still I love having them out. We generally have our tree up around the 2nd week of December and take it down after New Years. Now with our cats we are taking it down sooner since they tend to play in it.
    I love seeing deer in the wild. I think it’s great you saw deer and wild turkeys.
    Have fun with your kiddo’s – Sounds like you have some great activities for them.

  2. Nicely done this week. To answer your question – we put up our Christmas decor just yesterday. I like to leave it up through New Years and take it down the weekend right after.

  3. I love your gray photo. I’d like to look out my window and see deer and turkeys, but I doubt that will happen here. Neighborhood cats and dogs,and a occasionally squirrel in the trees is about it for here, except for birds of course. I guess you can see those just about everywhere.

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