The Evolution of a Dog Photo

Years ago I had a professional photographer tell me that he really despised taking photos of children.  I know for many this is shocking as children are beautiful and make wonderful subjects.  This, however, was his opinion and he kept it well hidden as his income depended on it.  Since that time pet photography has become quite popular.  And if children are hard to get in the perfect pose…I am thinking dogs are even worse.

Just when you get the perfect profile of your beloved pooch focused and are about to snap the image, a bird flits to the ground and they shift their focus away from the camera.


This immediately causes them to swing their heads back in your direction to look directly into the lens.  And this is where it all starts to go down hill.


At this point they no longer resemble their majestic ancestor, the wolf.  Instead a heavy dose of goofy, kibble eating mutt has invaded their posture.


And if what you are hoping to capture is a torpedo of dog love headed your way…the mission is complete.


And I am convinced this is why van Gogh painted sunflowers and not Chihuahuas.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 7.32.43 AM

And why I get such joy out of mountain images.


And the details of frost on well dried leaves with deep veins.



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