Trash Day…The New Day in My Week

With a family of four plus visitors due to the holidays, it wasn’t long after moving in that we discovered we needed to figure out how to remove trash from the property.  There is nothing enjoyable about a large pile of trash in the garage.  I figured the best person to call to find out who offered private trash service, since we don’t have it through the county, was the cookie bearing neighbor.  And she had the answer.  I called the individual she suggested and was delighted of know that if I placed my bags at the end of the driveway it would be picked up every Saturday.

That is until I realized that never again would I sleep in on a Saturday.

You see…pick up takes place before 8 am.  And if a bear, dog or raccoon gets into the trash and spreads it around the trash picker-uppers will not scrape it up and haul it off.  While that seems fair it does present another problem and suddenly I no longer had warm fuzzy feelings about how my trash was going to be handled.  Trash must be out early in the morning, but cannot be left out the evening prior.

So on the first Saturday I talked myself into realizing that I didn’t need to be snoozing, but that this getting up and tending to the trash would mean I would have a more productive day.  And I was good with that…until I had to heave myself back up the driveway that the kids have been using to ride furniture carts down at fast speeds, before so much as one sip of coffee.

And then the 2nd Saturday to take out the trash arrived.  This time it was raining.  Joy!

The third Saturday…and now it is cold and ice is involved.

As Dorothy said, “I don’t think I am in Kansas anymore.”

There are seven days in the week and for me they now go like this:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and TRASH DAY.

So what does a woman from coastal Georgia do when she has to wake at 7am and trek a steep frozen driveway…both ways?

She makes lemonade with those lemons and take pictures!

Hope you enjoy your Saturday…and these photos of me making lemonade out of my lemon-garbage-scenario.




Of course, I brewed a cup of joe before I set out with the camera around my neck.



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