The Week Leading Up to and Including Christmas

After moving into the new house two days before Thanksgiving, we have raced to unpack boxes, fix the minor problems that comes with every new house, and prepare for Christmas.  It has been a blur.  Every time I think I have established some order or routine…chaos has reared its ugly head.  Before I knew it Christmas Eve was upon us.

Here is a quick review of the highlights leading up to that point.

The steep driveway proved to be the best place to ride the furniture dolly that made moving in so much easier…but did result in a wee bit of blood loss.  Nothing big and no broken bones.  By the way doesn’t that large rock look realistic?  NOT…and yet everyone up here uses them to hide their well pumps etc.


A few strands of garland were pulled from the garage to adorn the deck.


It was decided (by me) that this one lonely flower was not going to suffice as landscaping.  I’ve already collected a pile of seed catalogs…summer flower and veggie garden here I come!  As soon as the Christmas/New Year celebrations subside I’ll start flipping through the pages and making plans…big plans…plans that will exhaust me and make me wonder ewhat I was thinking, when it is July and the sun is beating down on me.


The kids and I hiked along the creek that borders the property and up into the national forest.  We are looking forward to more exploring in the months and years to come.  Our oldest son saw a bear while making this same trek a few weeks ago.  And just to be clear that is pronounced brrr if you live around here.


No Christmas season is complete without hearing small children sing carols, so we attended my nephew’s school performance and it was charming.  Although I cannot share the images, of these singing children (due to not asking permission to share them online) here is one of our girls after the show.  They obviously enjoyed it.


Their aunt presented this slick little toy to enjoy on the driveway.


And this one came from Santa as an alternative to the furniture dolly that was being used to descend the alpine slope.  Still shedding blood from the ride…but so far no broken bones.   PS – they normally wear helmets for this, but she was just taking a quick spin here.


And lastly…in the days just before the jolly elf came down the chimney cold weather and our oldest daughter arrived.  She brought her pup and he spooned with our lab in order to conserve heat and absorb the rays that were shining through the window.


Living in the mountains has proven to offer a few challenges.

For instance if your husband leaves a metal bucket full of ashes on the porch you should not assume they are cold…or even cool.  If you do assume this (not that I would…ahem) and toss them over the hill, which is littered with dry crisp leaves, you will quickly know they are not at all cool.

As a matter of fact they may appear bright and crackle a tiny bit, as they are exposed to oxygen when they fly out of the bucket and through the air.  This may or may not have happened to me.  Hopefully if you make this mistake your husband will move quickly, even if he is muttering under his breath, and attach the only hose you own to the water main in the garage and quickly come to your rescue.

A few quick tips…as you descend the hill with a rug in hand, don’t accept any sticks that your sister (who is standing on firm ground and wishes to keep you from falling as you descend to the area which is now smoking profusely) may offer you.  She is probably trying to keep you from falling off the side of the cliff, but if it breaks you will fall backwards and possibly fall in dog droppings.  This was my experience…and before we could continue on to the store, which is where we were headed before I decided to be helpful and empty the ash bucket, I had to remove my dog dirt stained jeans and shoes.

Now we cannot pass a fire house, fireplace tool display in the store, or a steep incline covered in leaves without a family member making a snide remark about me tossing ashes.  Hope this helps if you ever move from a warm climate which only requires that you empty the fireplace ashes once a year, to where it is a regular weekly occurrence.


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